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I am, I think, somewhat adept at avoiding very bad weather and when I see signs of a coming gale I have no compunction in making for the nearest port. But I will not turn back: that would be funking it. As a result of these tactics I have had some pretty rough passages but I have always kept going and have finally made the port. And is it not just heaven, having stowed the sails, to get down below out of the wind and rain, to take off one's sodden oilskins, change into warm and dry clothes and then have a magnificent meal? One has brought one's little ship safely into port and really feels one has earned the reward. How much more enjoyable that sort of cruising is than this ocean stuff. Entering port is, I think, the cream of the sport. A strange port, a yacht with no engine, a quiet summer's night and there one has all the makings of a pleasant and most interesting little bit of seamanship. Precious little real seamanship is required when ocean cruising. I very nearly said that nothing much of interest ever happens once one is clear of the land. But that is not true. Recollections of that last gale are still much too vivid!

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This page is dedicated to the many cruisers who have inspired me and who have given me confidence to be building this chapter on cruising. Trusting their advice i am going on cruises aboard my little ship again and again. Thanks goes to everyone who sent me pictures and information.  Without your help this site would not have been possible!  Please keep sending your material, and i will keep improving the pages!

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