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early years

frühe Jahre

youth roots friends

  timeline the years in Hamburg
1968 and before 1969 1970 1972 1973 1974
beginnings black & white experiments color 6x6 tests

Hamburg December 1973

On the 24th of December (Christmas evening in Germany) I took my Rolleicord into town, just hours before the shops closed and shot a few photographs. Unusual at the time, they were mid format (6X6) slides or transparencies in color (Ektachrome film).
And I was influenced by the great Robert Frank, whose famost book "The Americans" - shot on a sabbatical trip across the USA in the early 50ies by this unusual sensitive Swiss photographer and filmmaker - I had just discovered. This made my eager to take pictures of people, trying to immitate his documentary stile.

  young woman peddles her wares



Großvaters Fotos vom 1.WW,Rußland, USA


USA 1966/67



Ferien in Les Diablerets, England 1986, Kroatien, Süd-Frankreich




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